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Woman Texts Her Boyfriend And Says She Had Her Head Shaved, This Is His Reaction

Having a boyfriend comes with a lot of perks. You can steal their hoodies once the cooler weather hits (and if I’m correct, the time is soon, ladies). You’ll always have someone around to murder the demon spiders in cold blood. Perhaps the funnest thing is being able to turn use their gullibility against them in a soon-to-be viral prank.

Amanda, also known as “freakyfirecrotch69” on Imgur, obviously has a pretty dope sense of humour, which is why it shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone that she did this. With a very convenient balding app she removed a significant amount of hair and decided to share the special surprise with her boyfriend.

The good news is that her boyfriend reacted exactly as we all would have wanted him to.

As soon as she shared the good news with him he was… a little taken back, to say the least.

Prank 2 Maria Cruz

It’s nice to know that amid his hysteria he still remembered to correct himself for any misspelled words.

She was pretty unphased by his reaction.

One of the most important things that you can do in a relationship is to remain calm when the other person is freaking out.

At this point, it seemed more like he was trying to remind himself that this was a prank. Fake it till you make it.

His rollercoaster emotions are more evident as the conversation wears on. At least he made his opinion clear with his very honest, “I’m mad.”

Prank 7Imgur/freakyfirecrotch69

His girlfriend knows exactly how to keep his on his toes, though… and admit that she’s into some pretty weird stuff.

I think if he were having a lucid dream she would have admitted that this was all a prank by now. Maybe God will answer his prayers – as if he didn’t already by giving him this kind of girlfriend.

Prank 9Imgur/freakyfirecrotch


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