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Woman Sends Personal Trainer As Test For Boyfriend, Ends Up Furious With Result

A woman who moved to Mexico decided to test her boyfriend by submitting him to a test of will. On an episode of To Catch A Cheater, this girl decided to send in a female trainer to test the resilience and loyalty of her boyfriend.

The girl, ‘Andrea’ (not her real name) played the role of ‘good-looking personal trainer’ and was intended to seduce the girl’s boyfriend. At the beginning of the video, the girlfriend can be heard saying ‘guys will be guys’ but she believes that her boyfriend will do ‘good’ during the test. Throughout the video, Andrea can be seen flirting with the boyfriend. She starts off by stretching in front of him and proceeding to ask if he’s in the gym often.

After the brief introduction, they begin working out together and Andrea can be seen grabbing him by the waist, asking him if there are any bars nearby and even giving him a slap on the backside. The pair begins to get into some compromising stretching positions and she can be heard on video making some ‘workout’ noises.

When Andrea asks him if he has a girlfriend, the man replies that he’s ‘dating some chicks.’ His girlfriend watches the whole thing unfold before her eyes as he begins to give her his number and offers to cook her dinner at his apartment.

As the girlfriend watches in horror, she can be heard uttering statements like ‘they touch so much’ and ‘this is disgusting.’ When Andrea asked him out on a date he responded with a yes and even when Andrea asked again if he had a girlfriend he still said no.

This obviously made the girlfriend very angry and upset and as they were exchanging phone numbers she can be heard saying ‘they are planning a date!’

When the video finally ends, and the host asks if she considers this cheating she resoundingly says ‘yeah!’ She then proceeds to call him on his cell phone and asks him about his workout. He lies and says that he met a male personal trainer at which point the girlfriend begins to berate him. Watch the video below to see how angry she gets!


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