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Woman Undergoes Striking Transformation After Cruel Bullies Mock Viral Photo Online

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Getting bullied is perhaps one of the hardest things to go through. With technology today, unfortunately, it’s getting easier and easier to get bullied online. It can easily change someone’s life, usually for the worst. But hey, you have to have thick skin to get through it, right?

Well for Jessica McDaniels, she has been bullied since she was a kid about her teeth. But regardless how long she’s been teased, it came as a shock when she found a photo of herself had gone viral with the online bullies.

The photo is of Jessica standing in the background, recording, while her friend is getting proposed to. In the photo, you see Jessica recording the moment and of course, she is smiling, ear to ear. Naturally, you see her teeth, and boy, did the internet grill her.

A bystander was snapping the May 2nd proposal as well, but they turned the happy photo into something rude and painful. They zoomed into Jessica’s face, and once it hit online, people wrote harsh and cruel comments.

Once McDaniels found out about the bullies, she was devastated. Not only because of what people were saying but that the moment was taken away from her friend and turned into something so negative.

But what these terrible bullies didn’t think about was that oral surgery is really expensive. For McDaniel’s specific case, one expert estimated that the repairs could cost AT LEAST $3,000. Her teeth are obviously something that is out of her control.

According to reports, Jessica developed an extreme overbite when she was 11 or 12 years old. In addition to her dental problems, she had to undergo several surgeries to correct her hearing. She spent money on that, rather than her teeth.

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