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Woman Trapped In Window Trying To Retrieve Poo After Tinder Date


First dates are usually pretty anxiety-inducing and most people tend to have those fluttering butterflies in their knotted up stomach. But for this one woman in Bristol, things took a turn for the worse (and awkward) when she was stuck in between two non-opening windows.

The amateur gymnast was out on her first date with student, Liam Smith, when she threw her poop out of Liam’s washroom window.

The poo then got trapped in between the windows and when she went in to retrieve it, she became stuck.

The unnamed woman said that the poo ‘would not flush’ so she panicked and decided to throw it out the window into the garden.

THP_CHP_050917Firefighters_1170JPGBLDaily Mail

However, it did not land in the garden and instead became wedged. She decided to dive in head first after it and she too became stuck.

THP_CHP_050917Firefighters_1169JPGDaily Mail

Liam was forced to call the fire services for help in rescuing her. Liam has since started a crowdfunding page to fix his broken window.


In an interview, Liam said: ‘we’d had a really nice evening. We’d had a meal at a well-known chicken restaurant, had a few beers and then gone back to mine for a bottle of wine and a film.’

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