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Woman Turns Her Parents Over To The Authorities After Finding They’re Siblings


Imagine growing up with the perfect family. You have two loving parents, you’re super close with your siblings and to you and everyone around you, your family is simply perfect. But then everything changes after a dark secret is revealed.

For Donna Price, her parents’ dark secret changed her family forever. Growing up, her childhood was that picture-perfect life described above. But everything came crashing down in 2014 when she discovered that her loving parents were actually brother and sister.

Not only did the shocking revelation tear the family completely apart, but it ended up in a courtroom last month as the couple pleaded guilty to incest. They narrowly avoided jail time, according to The Sun. Imagine living a lie for the majority of your life.

Donna Price is from South England, and she told The Sun she “felt sick and my stomach just dropped” after receiving a Facebook message from an estranged aunt.

The aunt was the one who revealed that Donna’s parents have an incestuous relationship. After gathering enough information, Donna reported her parents.

This report to the police sparked a two-year police investigation, Donna told The Sun. When she realized what her parents had done, she broke down in tears.

Reliving the betrayal that Price experienced, she told The Sun: “I feel my childhood was all based on a lie. I hate them.”

As if it wasn’t enough to find out that Donna’s entire life was essentially a lie, the investigation found another piece of information that would add more salt to the 32-year-old’s wound.

According to the police investigation, the man that Donna knew to be her father this whole time was not even her real dad. A DNA test found her mother had an affair with an unknown male.

She told The Sun that reporting her parents was “horrendous and one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.”

Price first got the message from her estranged Aunt after leaving the hospital with her new baby. At first, she thought it was just someone trying to “stir up stuff”

She now refuses to call the couple Mom and Dad and is now trying to come to terms with the truth that she found out about almost three years ago.

Price told news reports that she can’t even look back on her childhood without feeling upset or angry. “I have so many memories as a family but I don’t have any of that anymore,” she said.

We don’t think anyone can truly comprehend the amount of pain that someone feels when they find out their parents are not who they said they were. It’s horrifying.

She told The Sun, “How two people managed to manipulate and con people. How can you do that to anyone?”

Today, Price has her own family. She lives with a loving partner and their four children. She is a dedicated mother and happy with her partner.

The house itself is a very loving home. There are zero traces of her parents. No family photos or childhood toys exist within the home.

Her father, Robin Price was contacted by The Sun Online and was full of regret. He claimed that he didn’t intend on falling in love with his half-sister, who he didn’t meet until adulthood.

He claimed that the two met in a pub in the 1980s and only found out after they fell in love that they were related. Regardless, this whole situation is incredibly scarring for Donna. We don’t blame her.


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