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Woman Uses Kim K Look-Alike To Test Boyfriend’s Fidelity, And He Fails Miserably


In a day and age where dating apps and websites are prevalent and in abundance, it is extremely hard to gain and maintain something called trust. Everywhere you turn, the message that sex sells is there. With billboards plastered with scantily-clad women, and advertisements adorned with oiled up men, it is very rare for relationships to be long-lasting or marriages to last till death. So that’s why there’s a YouTube channel that can help you catch that cheater!

To Catch A Cheater is a YouTube channel that has partners and spouses come on the show and watch as they attempt to lure a man into cheating.

Here is what an IT technician did when he was approached by a Kim Kardashian lookalike.

The video begins with the host and the girlfriend sitting in a room prepared to watch the tape unfold. They comment on the female’s appearance and how she resembles Kim Kardashian.

Screenshot 2017-03-20 at 11.20.00 AMTo Catch A Cheater

The girl who is hired to bait the IT technician boyfriend is an exotic dancer. As the group are talking in the control room, the host asks the girlfriend if ‘he’s been acting different lately’ and the girlfriend responds promptly by looking up at him and saying: ‘Why? Did they hook up?’

Screenshot 2017-03-20 at 11.20.30 AMTo Catch A Cheater

As you hear a knock on the door, the girl answers in nothing but a towel. She says she just got out of the shower. She then asks him to get to work on the laptop on her couch.

Screenshot 2017-03-20 at 11.20.47 AMTo Catch A Cheater

At first he seems hesitant at entering this woman’s apartment (due to her lack of clothing) but she says that it’s alright and points to where her laptop is.

Screenshot 2017-03-20 at 11.21.09 AMTo Catch A Cheater

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