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Woman Who Urinated On Homeless Man’s Possessions Then Set Them On Fire Is Jailed


A woman has been jailed for four months after she urinated on a homeless man’s bed and then lit it on fire with the help of her friend. CCTV footage showed 23-year-old Nicola King and her friend Jerely Evans spending several minutes trying to light the man’s bedding on fire after Nicola urinated on it.

Roy Ransom, who is the homeless man, was sleeping outside a shop in a busy city center high street when he said he was approached by the two women.

The women were initially pleasant towards him until he walked away at which point they decided to urinate and burn ‘literally everything he owns.’

It was in court when it was revealed that the two women were originally nice to Roy and gave him five pounds for some drinks until they became rude and he walked away from them.


Nicola King then proceeds to urinate on Roy’s bedding while Jerely Evans, 25, later spends minutes trying to light the bedding on fire.


After lighting all Roy’s possessions on fire the pair could be seen laughing while walking away together.


In court, district judge Anthony Calloway called Nicola ‘cruel’ for her part in the arson as she was holding onto her friend’s purse as she repeatedly tried to light his bedding on fire.


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