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Woman’s Story Of Harassment Was Familiar To Other Women, But Got A Big Reaction From Men

In May, 2017, Nathalie Gordon shared a story about being harassed by a stranger on the bus.

She composed several tweets which detailed how she sat next to a man who at first asked her where the bus was going, then where she was going, and then asked if she wanted to get a drink. When she politely declined and put her headphones back in her ears, he grabbed her hand and told her not to be rude. Without wanting to provoke him, she apologized and turned away. However, she noticed out of the corner of her eye that he was still staring at her and began rubbing his genitals.

She proceeded to get up and alert the bus driver. The man who was harassing her laughed as she got noticeably upset. When she told the bus driver what had happened they asked her, “What do you expect me to do?” When she suggested that the man be removed or have the police called on him, the driver merely said, “You’re a pretty girl, what do you expect?”

Her story gained a lot of attention and naturally many women understood her fear and the disregard for stories of harassment that’s often encountered. The tweets got several hundred likes and a fair amount of comments. Though, among the comments were those who shamed her for her clothing, used the “not all men” argument, and claimed she was being “a poor victim.”

When it came to the replies she was getting, Gordon had a response: “Men, your input isn’t necessary here. Just listen – don’t find fault or shout your opinion over people talking about actual experiences.”

She also added: “Just listen, read these stories and be a better, kinder, more informed, supportive and understanding man for the women in your lives”

Gordon also addressed the women who were sharing their stories: “To all the men sending messages of support, encouragement & questions on how to raise their daughters – you’re doing good just by listening.”

Gordon’s story is available on her Twitter page (@awlilnatty).

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