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Video Shows Woman’s Head Crawling With Bugs

Riding public transit can often be a gamble. Dealing with bus drivers is often easy enough, but your fellow bus riders can sometimes be a problem. Often, public transit riders simply mind their own business and focus on the ride, but every so often we might be faced with something that incites horror.

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For some bus riders in Mexico, the state of a woman’s hair led to a horrifying moment. The video, filmed by another passenger, shows the back of the woman’s head filled with small, white insects. Her hair appears to be tied back into a simple messy bun and she seems unaware of the fact that she’s being recorded.

The woman’s hair looks like it has not been washed in weeks. Despite the bumpy ride, the insects living in this woman’s hair do not seem to be disturbed. The woman has not been identified after the video has made the rounds on social media and was even reported on by the Daily Mail.

It’s impossible to confirm whether the insects found in her hair are lice or something else entirely. Though people are using this as a sort of ‘gotcha’ to prove the woman in question has poor hygiene, it should be noted that lice do not care about clean or dirty hair, they simply attach themselves to hair follicles and exist off of human blood.

Nevertheless, despite the assumptions that this woman may have a hygiene problem, it is possible that she doesn’t and has simply been having a difficult time getting rid of lice. There are some at-home remedies one can use to help rid themselves of the annoying critters though.

Olive oil can help to rid a person of lice, simply by covering your hair in it like a hair mask and sleeping with a cap on over night. The lice will still have to be combed out afterward, but the issue should improve. Other solutions include blow drying your hair, using mayo or hair gel as an overnight treatment, and if all else fails then there are pharmaceutical treatments.

All in all, the best way to avoid getting lice is to be mindful of those who have it. In the case of this unknown woman and her fellow bus passengers, it would be best for other passengers to simply keep their distance because lice is transferred from head to head.

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