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Teen Starts Trend Where She Matches Her Nail Color To Random Objects

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Some people can find the beauty in everything they see. Twitter user Alina Marie has started a trend of people doing just that, matching their nail polish to the colours of ordinary objects in their environment.

The trend started in January when Marie, working at her job at a pizza place, noticed that her nails matched the ham she was working with. The self-proclaimed “Queen of Extra” posted the photo to Twitter alongside a photo of the nails matched to a strawberry milkshake.

It might have stopped there. But a month later, she posted another photo of her nails, a lovely shade of brown matched to a decidedly-less-lovely handful of bacon bits, captioned “Y’all thought this was over.” Clearly, it was far from over, because the new trend is burning up Twitter. The movement has spawned many imitators, and people are now matching their nails to everything from flowers to non-stick spray cans.

Who would have guessed that the next big beauty trend would involve pastel-coloured trash bags?

It’s weird that a picture of nails matching scissors could be so satisfying, but then again, it is a perfect match.

Companies are getting free advertisement, as their color scheme just happens to match a popular shade of nail polish. 


Of course, some people take the trend more seriously than others.

Those looking for an even more adorable take on this trend need look no further than Cristi Hanzel, a California teen who started matching her cat’s nails to her own.


The move has since been imitated, with both cat and dog owners hopping on the trend. (If you’re thinking of trying it out, make sure that the nail polish you use is pet-friendly!)

I think the standout is this woman, who outdid everyone else by matching both her nails and her turtle’s nails to the colours of her turtle’s shell.

For those of us too inept at painting nails to get in on the trend, it’s still a reminder that you can find inspiration anywhere, even in something as ordinary as a piece of ham!


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