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Women Reveal Their Favorite Thing Their Partner Has Ever Done In The Bedroom

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The most primal goal of any living, biological organism is to pass on their genetic information. In other words, to find a potential mate and to procreate. Most animals tend to engage in these intimate acts solely for the purpose of procreation. But some animals, however, engage in an intimate activity for more than just biological purposes. (Actually, new research and studies have come out showing that most mammals enjoy intimacy for more than just reproduction.)

Animals such as dolphins and several species of primates have been shown to do the carnal deed simply because it feels good.

Read on to find out how humans can get better in between the sheets.

In a recent interview conducted by a magazine, the publishers surveyed a group of women around their twenties and asked them what the ‘most mind-blowing’ things men have done to them.


The results varied from the use of toys to kissing, and also to extensive foreplay. Despite these useful tips, what it really comes down to is chemistry and intimacy.


A 20-year-old woman named Jasmine revealed that she enjoyed it when her boyfriend took control. ‘He pushed me up against the door, held me up and then threw me on the bed.’

pradesh18 Pradesh18

A 22-year-old woman named Emma stated that she liked it when her boyfriend brought several toys into the equation.


21-year-old Corinne revealed that being verbal and communicative is what makes the difference. She said that being vocal about what feels good and what doesn’t can enhance the experience.


Also, whispering sweet nothings into your lover’s ear will help improve the experience.


Julia, who is 21 years old, noted that long bouts of intercourse are what ‘blows her mind.’ ‘We had sex for 45 minutes straight, took a bathroom break, then kept going for another hour.’


20-year-old Ellie agreed that being vocal and communicating can enhance the experience. She said that it was a genuine gesture when her partner asked her ‘if it was OK.’ ‘This made the experiences much better because we opened up the discussion to what we both liked.’


Katrina admitted that the best intimate moment she has ever had was in the shower. ‘He lifted me up and pushed me against the wall…probably some of the best […] I have ever had because he was spontaneous and aggressive (in a good way.)’

Jennifer Williams Boudoir PhotographyJennifer Williams Boudoir Photography

21-year-old Lisa likes a man who works out and has ‘muscles.’ She stated that he ‘lifted me up. Put those muscles to work.’

jack canfieldJack Canfield

Ella who is 23 years old appreciates some light kissing and touching. She stated that ‘when my boyfriend starts kissing my back and moving towards my neck…I get the best tingles in the world from that.’


24-year-old Janine appreciates it when she and her partner can both enjoy in the use of adult toys.


‘There is nothing sexier than a man who has enough self-confidence to bring an extra toy into the bedroom just for my pleasure (and his,)’ Janine stated in the survey.

healthy you healthy lovehealthy you healthy love

Brooke, who is 20 years old, kept it concise and simple by stating that it’s all about being attentive. ‘Made it all about me. Too many times guys make it about them.’

Anna-Claire BrunAnna-Claire Brun

Amy who is also 20 years old kept it simple by stating that she and her partner just did a little research beforehand. They studied the Kamasutra so that they could try out different positions.


21-year-old Selby apparently enjoys surprises and the unknown. ‘I told him to do whatever he wanted. So he tied me down and blindfolded me. Not knowing what he was going to do next really kept me on my toes.’



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