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Women Share Stories About Their Experiences With Innocent Behaviors That Men Misinterpret



In a recent thread on Reddit, women were asked to list the innocent behaviors they’ve been accused of “leading men on” for doing. Because the world sucks and nothing good can be allowed to happen, women said that they’d been accused of leading men on for scandalous things like being someone’s friend, being interested in things, eating in public, or having long hair. Here are twenty-five of the best (or worst) stories.

The challenge: can you read the whole way through this list without getting depressed by the state of the world we live in?

1. “My 4 year old son is interested in everything. When we see someone doing a job, he asks me about it. I encourage him to ask the person doing it instead of me explaining while standing next to him/her. I want him to learn to ask people questions and not default to mom, when it’s appropriate of course. It is surprising the number of men who seem to think me encouraging my son to ask them a question (e.g. What is that tool called? Why is it loud?) is my way of flirting. No, I want to teach my child…” (kmtandon)

2. “I’ve stopped rollerblading anywhere. For some reason, a girl rollerblading is some kind of crazy fantasy for a guy, and whenever I’d go rollerblading (especially in a dress) I’d get like minimum 3 comments from guys who wanted to do me. I don’t know why they’d risk antagonizing someone with enough velocity to knock them over, but that’s their funeral, I guess?” (deleted)

3. “I don’t let on to any guys I just met that I’m into gaming, especially if I know they’re gamers too. There’s still this stereotype floating around the gaming community that women who game are a rarity or they’re not really a gamer, just someone trying to get male attention. So if I bring up gaming early on I usually get one of two responses: either the guy keeps hitting on me relentlessly or I get the Gaming Pop Quiz. Any woman who plays games knows exactly what the Gaming Pop Quiz is.” (Aelle1209)

4. “Being too enthusiastic in conversation. At a mate’s dad’s wedding I went to, I was sat next to a pilot over twice my age and we started chatting, and I like learning things and I like planes, so I was quite enthusiastically asking about flying, planes and whatnot. Dude starts pulling up articles on his phone about foods that cause longer erections and shit (apparently popcorn does, there ya go) and making unsubtle suggestions and I just wanted to talk about planes.” (cardiovascularsystem)

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