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16 Women Who May Regret Shopping Online

Shopping at the mall isn’t for everyone. Not all of us enjoy getting dressed up, driving to the mall and walking around for almost hours just to find the perfect pair of jeans. There are those who absolutely love it and practically live at the mall…but not all of us.  

To have the ability to shop online nowadays is amazing. I mean, you can literally lay in bed and shop for anything you need. It’s especially amazing for those of us who don’t have the time to actually go to the store and shop. But with online shopping comes a huge risk. Not everything you see online looks the same in person.

As a result, shopping from your bed has probably caused you to make a ton of returns. Complicated returns. But yet, you still find yourself browsing the web again for some cute shirts. Here are 16 photos of women who were shocked when they got the stuff they ordered online. It’s honestly the biggest online shopping fails. This’ll make you be a more cautious online shopper.

1. When you order a pink, off the shoulder, cute dress and instead get a drape that looks like it’s been previously worn and isn’t even pink! Maybe some ironing will help? Probably not…

2. Honestly, never take the risk of prom dress shopping online. Take the extra effort and go to the store, try it on and make sure it’s the perfect fit. Yuck!

3. The dress on the left is absolutely stunning. I don’t blame this person for wanting to purchase it right away. But instead, they got a hideous looking outfit. What a disappointment.

4. This outfit that Kim Kardashian was wearing in this photo was a real hit during Halloween. I mean, this person looks SIMILAR to Kim…but not exactly.

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