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10 Wonderful Riddles To Tease Your Brain


Exercising the brain is just as important as exercising the rest of the body. Seeing as the brain is the most important muscle, why wouldn’t it deserve just as much training and attention? Some things that people do to keep their minds sharp are:

  • Play Games,
  • Read,
  • Do Puzzles.

Another fun way to keep the mind sharp is to test it with some fun and puzzling riddles. Whether it be a mathematical question or a fun picture riddle, it’s a great way to get a quick mind boost.

Here are 10 awesome riddles with the answers following. Read the question first and try and solve it before scrolling to reveal the answer. See how many you can get right!

1. Math Psychic: This one is more of a brain teaser than a riddle and it involves a little bit of math. See if you can keep up without using a calculator. First, think of a one or a two digit number. Multiply it by two and then add 12 to the result. Now divide this number by two. Keep on reading to see the freaky results.

Last, subtract the original number from the current one. You’re left with the number six aren’t you? Pretty cool right?

2. Sticks: If you had four sticks, how could you turn them into four without breaking any of them? This one might seem simple at first, but take a moment to think about it before scrolling.

The answer is simple. All you have to do is arrange the sticks so that it they are in the shape of the number four. Did you get that one right?

3. Glasses: If you had 6 glasses in a row and the first 3 were full, and the second half were empty, how could you make it so that the glasses alternate between empty and full? You can only touch one glass.

Did you figure it out? All you have to do is pick up the second full glass and pour it into the second last empty glass and then replace it. The glasses will now be alternating between empty and full.

4. Need, want, use: Can you think of an item that the manufacturers who make don’t need, the buyer doesn’t want, and the user doesn’t even know they’re using it?

Did you get it? The answer is a coffin. The manufacturer doesn’t need it because they’re alive, the buyer doesn’t want it because it means someone has died, and the user isn’t really aware of it since they’re dead.

5. Murder Riddle: A man who has committed a murder has been sentenced to choose between three doors to enter. The first leads to a room of endless flames, the second is full of equipped assassins, and the third is full of lions that haven’t eaten in three years. Which room should he chose?

Did you pick right? The answer is the room with the lions. If the lions hadn’t eaten in three years, then it’s safe to say that they would be long dead. Therefore he wouldn’t be facing any harm.

6. Black, red, and grey: Can you think of an object that is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and grey when you throw it away? Think carefully about this one!

The answer is charcoal. When you buy it, it comes black and then when you ignite it it turns red and after it’s finished burning through it turns grey. Did you get it right?

7. Water Tank: Which one of these four tanks of water would fill up first? You’ll have to keep in mind the position of the tanks, as well as the ways in which the tanks are connected to each other. Can you figure it out? 

The answer is actually a tie! First, the tank number 3 would fill up partly and then it would reach the spout and being to fill up the fourth container. When then fourth container is almost full, it will start to give back water to the third tank and they will fill up at the same time. 

8. Children: Johnny’s mother had three children. The first child was named April and the second child was named May. What was the name of the third child?

Did you get it? The answer is Johnny! You might have immediately guessed June, as the names of the months probably threw you off making you forget that the riddle began with ‘Johnny’s mother’ and if she only had three children the last one would have to be him.

9. Race: If you were in a race and you managed to surpass the person that was in the second place, what place would you be in now?

The answer? You would be in second place. If you took the place of the person that was in the second place you wouldn’t advance any further than that.

10. Hay: A farmer has two fields. In one of them he has four haystacks and in the other he has five. How many haystacks would he have if he combined them on one field?

Did you guess 9? Well that’s not quite right! The answer is actually one. If he combined all the haystacks together he would have one giant one.


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