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16 Ways You Can Use Wooden Pallets To Make Your Own Stylish Bed


For those of us who are finally settling down and thinking of buying a house, the idea of acquiring enough furniture to fill the home is almost as daunting as a mortgage payment. Furniture is extremely expensive, and when you compare your dream home to the bachelor apartment you rented in college, it starts to add up. Things you probably didn’t have to buy include:

  • Washing machine,
  • Kitchen appliances (stove, fridge),
  • A bed frame.

Many of us just slept on a mattress in the corner. If you were one of the lucky ones you had a box spring underneath or an IKEA frame that cost less than your average beer tab. Well, if you still don’t have the money or want a little bit of DIY action, a growing trend is to re-purpose wooden pallets as a bed frame. It’s hard to believe, but they can actually become very beautiful pieces.

Here are some of the best examples of pallet beds from around the internet: 

1. The bare bones of a pallet bed can be quite spectacular, needing some excellent craftsmanship and care to create something beautiful.

2. Or, it can be as simple as putting it on the floor and throwing a mattress on top. It doesn’t have to be a monstrous structure to be functional.

3. They can be used to create an entire playhouse for the kids, with built-in storage. As long as you have the space, they’re very multi-purpose materials.

4. There is the floating bed, which can be made to sway slightly like a hammock in the wind.

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