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Woody Harrelson Smoked A Joint Halfway Through A Dinner With Trump

Well, that’s one way to get through a dinner with someone.

When Woody Harrelson was on Real Time With Bill Maher last month, he and Maher spoke of several things including Harrelson’s latest movie LBJ, where he plays American president Lyndon B. Johnson. Though, when the conversation about the film wrapped up, the two turned to a conversation about Donald Trump.

Harrelson disclosed that he actually got invited to dinner by Jesse Ventura back in 2002 and Trump happened to be in attendance at the same dinner. Naturally, everyone was dying to know how it went and Harrelson was completely honest about their meeting.

“I went and… it was brutal. It was brutal,” he said. “I’ve never met a more narcissistic man. Talked about himself the whole time.” “So, he’s changed a lot,” Maher joked, to which the audience and the duo shared a laugh.

“I had to walk out, like, halfway through and smoke a joint just to, like, steel myself for the rest of the dinner,” Harrelson added. Maher, with a grin on his face, nodded his understanding while the audience had another laugh. Harrelson added that “it was brutal” for a final time before the two moved on to talk about Harrelson being a “pioneer” for marijuana.

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