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16 Words Kate Middleton Isn’t Allowed To Say


The royal family is a family of prestige, power and respect. Living life as a royal certainly isn’t the same as living life as a regular person, or even a celebrity. Being a member of the royal family means that you must abide by certain rules and ways of life, and to go against these rules would be considered indecent and improper.

In royal circles, some phrases, sayings and words are looked down upon. Because the royal family is just that—royal, they cannot be seen as remotely close to common folk. Although members of the royal family like Kate Middleton are not necessarily banned from saying certain words or phrases, some phrases are certainly looked down upon and avoided at all costs.

If you want to know more about what words or phrases members of the royal family are not encouraged to say, here are 16 of them.

1. Portions: Royals find that the proper way to term their food servings is by calling them “helpings” instead of portions.

2. Patio: If you ask a royal family member if they know what a patio is, they may give you a blank stare. In the royal palace, it’s considered a “terrace.”

3. Function: The royals do not attend functions, but rather they attend “parties.”

4. Lounge/Living Room: In the royal world, there is no such thing as a lounge or a living room. Instead they have a “drawing room” or a “sitting room.”

5.  Sweets: The royal family doesn’t ask for sweets when it’s time for dessert, they instead ask for “pudding.”

6. Refreshments: When a member of the royal family attends a luncheon, the word “refreshments” is often met with disdain. Instead, the royals use the words “food and drink.”

7. Posh: Although prestigious and elite British people are often considered “posh,” it is not a word the royals like to use. When royals use the word “posh,” they often use it to mock another person who is saying it. They rather prefer the word “smart.” Sorry, Posh Spice!


8. It was nice to see you: A member of the royal family bids farewell by simply saying “goodbye.”

9. Cheers: Members of the royal family do not say “cheers” when they raise their glass to toast someone. They insist on a formal toast instead.

10. Perfume: Apparently the word “perfume” is just a tad too French for the royals, so they use the word “scent” instead.

11. Dinner: Although most of us see it as dinner, the royals refer to their evening meal as “supper.”

12. Serviette: You would think that the word serviette would be the kind of word the royal family would use, but instead they prefer to use the word “napkin,” possibly because serviette is a French word.

13. Mom and Dad: The royal family doesn’t say “mom and dad,” but rather insist on saying “mummy and daddy.”


14. Toilet: The world “toilet” certainly doesn’t seem like a word any member of the royal family would use, and that’s correct. Instead, they use the word “lavatory” or “loo.”

15. Pardon: It is heavily frowned upon for a member of the royal family to use the word “pardon” because it gives off  the sense that one is trying too hard. The royal family prefers to say “sorry.”

16. Tea: Although the royals do love drinking their tea, you will not hear them mistake dinner (or supper, in their case) for tea time.


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