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Digging Workmen Find Bear Stuck In Concrete Pit

While working on a construction site in Turkey, workers were shocked when they witnessed a bear emerging out of a hole while they were digging at a site on a chicken farm.   

 A video was captured of the incredible event and shows how things happened. The laborers were in the midst of digging up a hole using an excavator when they heard a roar. They use the machine to smash the ground to help free the brown bear that’s trapped underneath. After a few minutes, the bear’s paw comes out and the poor animal attempts to dig his way out of the pit.


The bear is seen aggressively pawing at the ground and trying to dig his way out of the pit. After a bit of effort, the bear is halfway out of the hole. As he gets closer to freedom, the crane comes down and it sounds like a jackhammer is used to break down more of the dirt wall. Meanwhile, the laborers are heard yelling in another language.

At this point, all you can do is hope that the bear becomes successful in his mission. The bear inches out of the hole and after quite the struggle, it finally manages to free himself from the depths of the chicken cave. The bear lets out a victorious roar and makes a great escape.

 Click on the “NEXT PAGE” button to see the incredible rescue video on the following page. What would you do if you heard an animal trapped in a concrete pit? Let us know in the comments below and SHARE this with your Facebook friends.


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