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20 Of The World’s Biggest Human Body Parts


The human body is an amazing thing. Humans can look so radically different from each other that you would doubt they are even members of the same species. Body parts can be drastically different sizes and physical abilities vary widely from person to person. If you want to see amazing comparisons of humans, look up these photos:

  • Shaquille O’Neal and Simone Biles,
  • Aaron Durley at the Little League World Series,
  • Demetrious Johnson and Stefan Struve.

These examples show incredible differences in overall size. But what about people who have parts that are much bigger than average? It’s incredible to see the variance in the human body in such specific ways.

Here are some of the biggest body parts in the world, including a few record-breakers:

1. Radhakant Baijpai has the longest ear hair in the world. In 2003, he was crowned the Guinness record holder for longest ear hair. Since then, it has continued to grow and is now almost 10 inches long.

2. The biggest hand in the world belongs to Liu Hua, and it did for many years until he underwent a massive surgery to remove much of the excess in flesh and bone. He suffers from macrodactyly, a form of gigantism.

3. Though she doesn’t qualify as the world’s tallest woman, Svetlana Pankratova does have the longest legs in the world. They measure at almost 52 inches, or over 4.3 feet. Pankratova holds the record for the highest amount of shots blocked while she played for the Virginia Commonwealth University basketball team.


4. The biggest ear tunnels go to Kalawelo Kaiwi, who has over four-inch wide holes. They are big enough to fit a clenched fist through—unless you’re Hua of course.

5. Devendra Suthar has the most digits seen in any living person, with 28 fingers and toes. He’s a carpenter in India. I’m sure many other woodworkers could use an extra finger or two to hold the nails.

6. Vijay Kumar has the most teeth in a human mouth, with an amazing five extra jammed in his mouth. He probably keeps a toothbrush on him at all times to keep them that pearly white.

7. The biggest feet in the world belong to Jeison Rodriguez, coming in at more than 15 inches long. The 7’3 teenager needs special shoes that are only made in Germany.

8. Lee Redmond had the longest fingernails in the world. She held the record for a long time at 28 feet, but sadly lost them in a car accident in 2009.

9. You think you’ve got a big nose? Well just ask Mehmet Özyürek from Turkey what it feels like to have the world’s largest. His schnoz checks in at almost 3.5 inches from bridge to tip.

10. Francisco Joaquim has the widest (unstretched) mouth in the world, and can fit a full Coke can inside it.

11. Though her eyes aren’t actually the biggest, Kim Goodman holds the record for biggest eye-pop. She can push her peepers out almost half an inch.

12. Xie Qiuping has the longest hair in the world at over 18 feet. She has been growing it since she was 13.

13. For another hairstyle, Aevin Dugas holds the record for biggest afro. Her hair has a circumference of almost 4.5 feet. She’s a model known for her massive locks.

14. The biggest mustache doesn’t in fact go to Burt Reynolds, but to Ram Singh Chauhan and Indian man who has grown it to 14 feet long.

15. Not the biggest, but definitely an amazing record. Cathie Jung has used corsets for years and now has the world’s smallest waist at only 15 inches.


16. The world’s stretchiest skin is an odd record to hold, but one that goes to Garry Turner of the UK.

17. Gene Simmons: eat your heart out. Nick Stoeberl has the longest tongue in the world, measuring almost four inches from the tip to his closed lips.

18. Sain Mumtaz has an incredibly large head thought to be caused by Proteus syndrome, the same disease that affected Joseph Merrick.

19. The longest extension of the human neck is 15.75 inches. It is not assigned to an individual but rather to the tribes of Padaung and Kareni in Myanmar.


20. There is some debate over who has the biggest biceps in the world, but Gregg Valentino is definitely a worthy contestant. His 28-inch pythons can curl a reported 300 pounds.



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