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Worms Attack Creatures In The Ocean Just Like From Movie Tremors

There are many creatures below the sea that could serve as inspiration for horror films, and many already have. However, one creepy sea worm attacks its victims in such a savage and predatory way that many are comparing these sand strikers to the monsters in the 1990 cult classic Tremors. 

In an episode of Smithsonian Channel’s “Crazy Monster: Diggers” series, a terrifying worm that snatches fish from the ocean floor was highlighted. Sand strikers, also known as bobbit worms, are ambush predators that bury their long bodies in the ocean bed and wait to attack their latest meal.


These sea worms, which can grow to sizes of nearly 10 ft in length, don’t have eyes or a brain and react solely on one of their five antennae to sense prey. Adding to these creatures’ nightmarish qualities, sand strikers are equipped with multiple mouth-parts and bone-hard grappling hooks to puncture and immobilize victims.

While waiting to attack, these sand strikers are barely noticeable on the ocean floor. However, once one senses prey, these ambush predators terrifyingly lunge and drag their unsuspecting victim into the ocean bed. Sand strikers are known to attack at such speeds that sometimes the prey is sliced in half upon onslaught.

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