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24 Times Things Could Not Have Turned Out Worse

The optimists of the world often utter the words “it could have been worse,” but there comes a point where even the most idealistic of people realize that things have reached an all-time low. This isn’t just subject to high-stakes scenarios, sometimes it’s the mundane tasks in life that prompt a series of unfortunate events. Most of the time these things go swimmingly, but there are those other times where things just seem to spiral out of control.

While failure may be inevitable, at least it’s something we all learn from in the long run. However, luckily for us, the people behind these disastrous fails documented it so we can get some secondhand learning (entertainment) out of their mistakes.

Here are 24 hilarious scenarios that couldn’t have ended up playing out worse.

1. Parking lots can be prone to accidents when drivers aren’t cautious, but that’s usually when the lot is full. This woman somehow managed to ram her vehicle into one of the few light posts (and only real obstacles) present in an otherwise barren car park. You really have to wonder how she’s explaining herself to whoever she’s on the phone with.

2. Who needs to waste time or money installing a wall mount when you’ve got a perfectly sized ledge to support your new flat screen TV, right? Wrong apparently. You’d imagine a sill atop a fireplace would be pretty sturdy, but as this person found out, that was not the case. A wall mount probably seems like a much easier option now.

Reddit /u/ FowelBallz

3. Some people go to art exhibits to see the actual artwork, but apparently, some just go to show others they went to go see the artwork. This woman should probably have done neither. Hopefully, that selfie got a lot of social media love because, with a $200,000 price tag, it was not a cheap one.

4. When your job is delivering a package to someone, you might think the worst case scenario would be that they don’t end up receiving it. However, this delivery person discovered otherwise after accidentally locking the recipients in their apartment. Apparently just because the package is at their door, doesn’t mean they can always get it.

5. When a big part of your job is helping people get back into their locked out cars, it’s probably for the best that you don’t lock yourself out of yours. There’s nothing worse than embarrassing yourself in front of clients or the people you work with every day, and this guy managed to do both.

6. This guy went from being the most popular person wherever he is to the least popular person in just a matter of seconds. He may have made it to his intended location, but he’s not going to be satisfying anyone’s hunger. At least there’s photo proof of what could have been.

Instagram / @memelif3

7. There are some jobs, like installing cabinets, for example, that should be left to the professionals. This is a lesson that was quickly learned by whoever thought they did a good enough job that they could start stocking them. Now they won’t just need new cabinets, they’ll need new dishware.

7. There are some jobs, like installing cabinets, for example, that should be left to the professionals. This is a lesson that was quickly learned by whoever thought they did a good enough job that they could start stocking them. Now they won’t just need new cabinets, they’ll need new dishware.

9. It’s one thing to neglect grammar when advertising your newly acquired services on Facebook, but that’s, unfortunately, the least problematic thing about this post. Are French manicures supposed to look this painful? In her defense, she never said she passed her nail course, she only said she finished it.

10. “Friend got drunk last night and bought a scorpion,” one Reddit user shared. “Woke up to this Snapchat.” There’s nothing quite like waking up super hungover only to realize that you now have to deal with your newly adopted venomous pet. At least they had good enough judgment to cage it.

11. While chicken nuggets go in the oven, plastic trays definitely should not. Instructions are there for a reason, especially the ones that are printed in bold. At least the nuggets themselves seem to have come out unscathed, but there will probably be no way to get rid of that plastic-y taste.

12. It can be much easier and much more cost effective to opt for mom over a barber, but you can’t expect the same results. This mom may have succeeded in giving her son a straight line shaved into his hair, however, she might have gone a little thick. Maybe next time.

Instagram / @blacktwitter1

13. When you are at a formal event, it’s probably advisable to only enthusiastically lift your drink when making a toast. This guy, however, chose the worst time to lose his grip. Out of everyone in this group picture, that drink looks like it’s going straight for the worst possible candidate.

Reddit /u/ leonoc

14. Whenever you’re using a ladder, you should really have a spotter present. Whoever is stuck on this roof clearly did not, and somehow managed to further solidify their shingle entrapment by knocking over all available ladders in the process. At least this picture means that they have a phone.

15. There is nothing like an ivy wall peeling off of a building’s wall to reveal how bland it really is underneath. Whoever put this up probably thought they were doing the building a visual favor, but that is certainly not the case when the ivy starts to become unintentional AstroTurf.

16. Vacations are full of photo ops but sometimes external factors can get in the way. This girl attempted to take a “When In Rome” photo, but ended up looking like she was starring in a remake of The Birds. There are some things you don’t get in the way of, including pigeons and their street crumbs.

17. So the water fountain stream goes a little bit past the bowl, most people will be catching it in their mouths, right? Maybe that’s what the person who installed this water fountain thought, but they should have probably paid closer attention to that stream’s final destination before it becomes someone else’s Final Destination.

18. When you’ve really gotta go, an uncleanly toilet is the least of your concerns as there’s nothing some swift toilet paper action can’t fix. However, when the toilet has been taken refuge by a bunch of frogs, there’s not too much you can do there. Hopefully whoever stumbled upon this sight choose another location.

19. When you order an ice cream sandwich, you might think that the worst that could happen is that they are either sold out, freezer burnt or just not as tasteful as you initially imagined. Apparently, it can be worse as this man who ordered an ice cream sandwich in Thailand quickly discovered.

20. It only took these girls one comment to realize that it’s probably a better idea to listen in class than to take selfies. They may have managed to hear the word ‘temperature,’ but that preceding one is a real game changer. It’s safe to assume this picture was deleted shortly after.


21. Nothing says celebration like popping a bottle of champagne. What can really go wrong there other than the cork striking someone on the eye? Well, apparently technique can change everything. This girl’s knife swiping skills resulted in a lot more bubbly on her than ever will be in her now.

22. Most people who are looking to attract birds to their feeders are probably not looking to also attract squirrels, which makes this packaging design a truly questionable one. However, what’s even more questionable is that the person who designed it seems to think that squirrels are a type of bird.

23. If you thought the calamitous kitchen appliance problems that are advertised in infomercials only happened to those horrible actors, you were wrong. This young woman found herself in a losing battle to an electric whisk. She should probably stick to old school whisks in the future for the sake of her safety and wardrobe.

24. Laundry can be an intimidating task if you’ve never done it before, but you’ll soon find out how easy it is — as long as someone shows you the ropes. This person probably thought that the worst thing that could happen is they’d ruin a favorite article of clothing. They were wrong.

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