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10 People Share The Worst Coworker They Have Ever Had To Deal With


Work and employment are something that most people need in order to survive. Jobs can vary from office work to something extremely physically strenuous such as a construction gig. But almost regardless of any sort of career path you choose, you will have to work with some people that you might not like so much.

Whether it is because they are lazy, constantly bringing smelly lunches to work or because you just can’t stand the way they look at you, there can be a wide array of reasons for someone to not get along with their co workers.

Here are the top ten stories about the worst co-workers that someone has had to deal with.

Throwitaway9009y said: ‘On the day that she got fired, this girl texted the manager saying she needed to come in late and then leave early. She also casually brought up the point that she needed a raise as well.’


‘She would also go on Facebook and post negative ‘reviews’ about her co workers and also about the work environment. Half of her friends were staff from the office she worked at and from older businesses.’


Airlockengage said: ‘I once had a manager who would come up behind me and violently shake my chair as hard as he could. This was to ensure that we were all working, while he was watching Netflix.’


PoopyMcGee said: ‘I had a co worker who was 21 years old at the time. His mom was also the acting manager at the store I worked at. Every day around lunch he would yell for his mom saying that he was hungry.’


‘She would heat up his lunch and set it out for him despite the fact that she was dealing with a customer at the time. He would leave his lunch mess on the table until his mom cleaned it up.’


LiterallyWhiteBread posted: ‘I had a girl who was on her first day offer me drugs while on the job. Then she threatened me with a knife for changing the radio station then she quit in order to work for a website that gives her gift cards in exchange for answering surveys.’

Nick Lewis CommunicationNick Lewis Communication

MrTomDawson wrote: ‘I had a coworker whose personality was largely based off of South Park. He would claim that all the things he didn’t like were wrong or ‘gay’ and was extremely homophobic. It would be less disturbing if he wasn’t in his mid-30s’


iRomanian: ‘this one co worker of mine would eat apples slice by slice like a goat. He would make a loud crunch with his mouth and then chew really loudly.’

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DasCthulhu said: ‘I had a co worker who would insist on talking to me about my field of work despite having no experience.’

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‘He would also lecture people like he is their manager even though he was under qualified. I even saw him ‘reprimand’ his supervisor the other day!’

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84thLegislature posted: ‘I have been working with someone who has a sinus infection since 2016. This person would cough loud wet chunky coughs 9 hours a day, 5 days a week.’

Huffington PostHuffington Post

‘Worst part is she does not leave the team area when she coughs out a lung. She just retches up whatever is stuck and just gulps it back down.’


Izwald88 said: ‘my bosses are all related to each other since it’s a family owned business but the VP is by far the worst.’


‘He was mad that the internet on his tiny tablet was really slow so when I checked his computer he had five taps opened, various office apps running and the music player.’

Dumb Little ManDumb Little Man

Anneisthebomb said: ‘I had a coworker who was seated next to me at the annual Christmas party. They took our orders and he wanted a plain burger with no sauce.’


‘When his food came out with tomato and lettuce he just bawled his eyes out in front of everyone.’

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