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10 People Share The Worst Coworker They Have Ever Had To Deal With


Work and employment are something that most people need in order to survive. Jobs can vary from office work to something extremely physically strenuous such as a construction gig. But almost regardless of any sort of career path you choose, you will have to work with some people that you might not like so much.

Whether it is because they are lazy, constantly bringing smelly lunches to work or because you just can’t stand the way they look at you, there can be a wide array of reasons for someone to not get along with their co workers.

Here are the top ten stories about the worst co-workers that someone has had to deal with.

Throwitaway9009y said: ‘On the day that she got fired, this girl texted the manager saying she needed to come in late and then leave early. She also casually brought up the point that she needed a raise as well.’


‘She would also go on Facebook and post negative ‘reviews’ about her co workers and also about the work environment. Half of her friends were staff from the office she worked at and from older businesses.’


Airlockengage said: ‘I once had a manager who would come up behind me and violently shake my chair as hard as he could. This was to ensure that we were all working, while he was watching Netflix.’


PoopyMcGee said: ‘I had a co worker who was 21 years old at the time. His mom was also the acting manager at the store I worked at. Every day around lunch he would yell for his mom saying that he was hungry.’


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