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26 Stories About Dating Fails Posted on Twitter

Jimmy Fallon recently asked followers to tweet their #WorstFirstDate at him. These 26 stories are the cream of the crop!

“#WorstFirstDate he made fun of my boobs and then asked me to drive him to Selkirk to pick up his last paycheque from his job at A&W.” (@petra_stroika)

“My #worstfirstdate was with an amateur stand up comedian who insisted he could make up a rape joke that I would laugh at, and then yelled at me for wasting his time via text message the next day when I wouldn’t have sex with him.” (@plasticbagghost)

“I picked my favorite restaurant & he said OK. He changed the time of the date to earlier & I said OK. Didn’t want to drive into the city, so he took me to a restaurant that I previously told him I hated. Smiled once in 2 hours. Expounded on why he hates kids. I’m a nanny #WorstFirstDate.” (@actualjaneway)

“Took her to Olive Garden. She was eating her pasta, and then she sneezed into her food, pasta literally came out of her mouth, and back into the bowl. She continued to eat the snot pasta. Barf. #WorstFirstDate.” (@LovellJantson)

“Went out to a movie, got ice cream, sitting in his car and he says he loves me and describes our life together/our wedding. I told him to take me home, I wasn’t interested and he cried on my shoulder for 30 minutes before taking me home #WorstFirstDate.” (@AudreyRsmith98)

“Online date, at a fancy restaurant. Told me that women shouldn’t work, gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry, ranted about how he hated his female boss and closed out the evening saying that his grandfather was a Nazi and that he was proud of that fact. #WorstFirstDate.” (@cupofmeghan)

“We’re in the car, just driving around in the middle of nowhere and this guy tells me I should Google him because people are talking about him in a forum where people discuss homicides and other crimes…” (@kisumirr)

“It was Halloween, I was dressed as a dog. He cried over how much he liked me and claimed he did “bad things” for the CIA and lost his wallet after dinner because he was so drunk … yeah, got myself some pepper spray after that one. #WorstFirstDate.” (@MarcyLBL)

“#WorstFirstDate – A guy I met online invited me to a “friend’s birthday” at a bar for our first date. Turns out it was his bday, he introduced me to everyone as his gf, entered a hot dog eating contest, & won. People kept telling me how proud I must be of my bf…” (@youreonkatiecam)

“I went on a date with a guy to go see a movie. Beforehand, he had told me he was not that guy to go on his phone while in the theater. 20 mins in, I look over and he’s on his phone snapping other girls. #WorstFirstDate.” (@Riahlicious19_)

“I was out on a date with a coworker. He said before we go out he needed to stop at Walmart to get a few things. He grabbed a belt & underwear went to pay and forgot his wallet and asked me to pay. Then he wanted to know where I’m taking him next. Date was over #WorstFirstDate.” (@hunt_piwak)

“#WorstFirstDate Literally minutes before our date, she asked if her friends could join us. It was no longer a date.” (@aaronhannie1)

“He cursed in front of families at mini golf, tried to cop a feel during the movie, then informed during lunch that he was sexually attracted to his sister. Oh, and he was planning on having a praying mantis in “our bedroom”- as if #WorstFirstDate #worstanydate.” (@JanieBear88)

“We met online and agreed to lunch. About halfway into the meal, he said, “So you just turned 40?” I said yes and he replied, “We need to start having babies soon!” Um what? I pretended my son called and said I had to leave. First and last date. #WorstFirstDate.” (@megprimus)


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