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16 Airline Passengers Who Had No Sense Of Normal Human Decency

00 Shaun’s Cracked Compass

If you’ve spent a fair amount of time up in the air traveling, chances are, you’ve dealt with a fellow passenger who is an absolute flight ruiner. If you haven’t, you might just be that person.

Whether it’s hogging too much space or being relentlessly loud for the duration of the flight, there are some people out there that can make a 2-hour flight feel like it’s 8 hours long.

Here are 16 of the worst airline passengers that will make you glad you didn’t share the same flight.

1. Flights aren’t cheap and they aren’t very entertaining either, which makes the onboard movie a pleasant distraction. However, for whatever reason, some passengers only think of themselves. This irked co-passenger wrote, “This is why we can’t bring scissors on board?”

2. There is no one busy enough that the only time they have to clip their toenails is on a flight. At least take your clipping to the lavatory, but even then, reconsider your life choices.

3. There’s nothing quite like an unsolicited visit from a rogue foot friend to ensure a long flight. We’d all like to put our feet up mid-flight, but unless you’re on route to a foot fetish convention, your fellow passengers aren’t going to be too pleased with your grubby little toes.

4. Taking up two seats is one thing and letting your leg dangle over the armrest into the aisle is another, but unbuttoning your pants just brings shameless to a whole other level.

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