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16 Of The Worst Roommates People Have Lived With

Roommates are the flipping worst. No one ever gets roommates because they just want people in their space, they get them out of necessity because they can’t afford to live alone. If you’re lucky you’ll room with someone who is normal and you’ll get on just fine. But that’s rarely the case.

If you are looking for a roommate, be careful and don’t rush the decision. Even if you decide to room with a friend it’s no guarantee that things will go smoothly. Sometimes when friends room together the result can make the friendship go a little awry.

There are just so many nightmare roommate scenarios that it made it difficult to narrow down the best ones. There are the obviously relatable ones like “my roommate uses my stuff and doesn’t ask” but what kind of fun are those? No, today we brought you a collection of some over-the-top and often hilarious roommate blunders.

1. The roommate who tried to help but couldn’t save this guy from failing so he wrote him a letter encouraging him to move on.  

2. The roommate who couldn’t remember where his room was? Or the roommate that got so drunk that he just needed a bed to lay in.

3. Then there are the roommates who are creeps and you should probably get out of that situation as fast as your legs can carry you.

4. Here’s one who is just diabolical. What possible reason can you have for doing something like this?

5. Ever have a problem with your roommate not doing their part with the dishes? If so, what do you think of this?

6. This is a typical inexplicable college roommate behavior: “Oh, it’s just my shower cheese.” Come on, dude, get it together.

7. Having to wake up to an alarm is bad enough, having to wake up to a bomb siren alarm is damn near torture. Let’s hope the roomie isn’t also pressing snooze. 

8. This is kind of hilarious, but it’s also the kind of thing you do to your siblings when they want to change the channel. It’s not exactly roommate-appropriate behavior. 

9. The super paranoid roommate. Although, there are two sides to every story so who knows if their roommate is weird or if they actually saw some sketchy stuff in the past.

10. I’m sure there’s a perfectly sound explanation as to why this person invited 4 live crabs to live in their fridge. I’m absolutely sure. 

11. There is hardly a tweet about having a roommate in college that’s more accurate and relatable than this. The good thing is that if this is as far as their roommate’s drunken rage goes, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

12. Why is it that this guy’s roommate is so concerned about running out of salt, we may never find out. Maybe he/she just keep misplacing it. Either way, this is also pretty mild and he isn’t hurting anyone (except his pockets, maybe).

13. Perspective is key. This guy’s roommate is a reminder to us all that it’s the little joys in life that really matter. 

14. The roommate who took “you can never hydrate enough” a little too literally. On the plus side, now they will never run out of juice and the roommate will tell you that you can never have enough juice. 

15. Why anyone would think this is ok is beyond me, but apparently, this person’s roommate is either incredibly daft or just thinks they’re being cute. FMyLife, indeed. 

16. This is excellent because there is just no better way to announce that you have to pee that’s better than “holy sprinkle I gotta tinkle.”


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