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Congressional Candidate Asks If Men Would Be Willing To Give Up Their Civil Rights

Politicians and their parties have a long history of scapegoating women and their rights to achieve their ends. If you need a modern-day example of that, just take a look at the ongoing debate about health care and abortion rights. It’s a sorry affair indeed.

Brianne Wu, a video game developer and computer programmer who also happens to be running for Congress, recently posed a pretty hard-hitting question on Twitter to her followers, specifically targeted at liberal men. She imagines what it would look like if the roles and expectations that are placed on women were instead shouldered by men.

She received a wide array of responses ranging from denial to the admission that it would be a difficult burden to bear. The debate that the post has garnered is proof that there needs to be more awareness around women’s rights issues. A simple reversal of roles scenario was enough for many men to understand that the current policy being pushed is utterly unjust.

Wu’s question to liberal men was “Can you name a civil right of yours you’d be willing to put on bargaining table?”

She followed up this impactful question with: “Would liberal men accept a deal where Republican legislators got to decide on their access to medical treatment— if it helped the party?”

In the hours that followed, Wu received several dozen replies, but not one man could think of a right that they would be willing to give up.

The post shed light on the inequality in which a man will refuse to accept a right being taken away from them, while women are consistently asked to relinquish control of their own bodies.

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Amongst the many who fumbled in their desperation to answer Wu’s question, one man boldly admitted that there wasn’t a single right he was willing to forgo.  

@neilogd even followed up this reply with a few more gems including “Not even willing to try dredge one I’d be willing to give up!”

Along with, “Besides, I see abortion as an issue that I don’t get a say on. Until I can carry a baby for 9mo, my opinion is useless.”

Since her post on July 31 went viral, Wu has been very clear on her campaign stance explaining that she has no intention of sacrificing anyone rights for political gain. She expects that all politicians follow the same standard rather than ask women to jeopardize their own liberties.  


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