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12 WWE Specialty Matches That Should Be Brought Back In 2017

WWE specialty matches are always fun and exciting. Over the years, the WWE has had countless specialty matches which have evoked tremendous responses from audiences. They are great entertainment, and fans would love to see some brought back in 2017. Reasons why fans would love to see specialty matches brought back this year:

  • It’s entertaining
  • It will give fans something to look forward to

Wrestling fans hope to see some exciting specialty matches brought back this year, but which ones would they like to see? Here are 12 specialty matches that the WWE should bring back in 2017: 

1. The notorious Buried Alive matches have not been around for 7 years. Though there have only been 5 to date, they are still some of the most memorable and exciting matches.

2. The classic Steel Cage matches bring back memories of old school WWE. It’s time to bring back the nostalgia of the classic blue bars that hint at old school WWE.

3. The “I Quit” match, always brutal and extremely violent, would be great to bring back with Superstars like Dean Ambrose or Dolph Ziggler.

4. With pipes and tools used as weapons, the Boiler Room Brawl would be super entertaining to watch in today’s era of wrestlers.

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