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Mother Attacks 9-Year-Old Daughter For Speaking To Her Estranged Father

Even when going through the most vicious divorce, no parent should ever take it out on their child. That’s what one woman did in Texas when she learned her nine-year-old daughter had spoken to her estranged husband at school.  Not only did she verbally abuse the child, she was caught on camera punching and slapping the young girl in the head.

Angela Armendariz, a 36-year old mother in Pecos, Texas is going through a divorce with her husband, Jesus. The two have been separated for a while, after Jesus claims there was continued abuse. He’s tried to bring charges against her before, but failed due to lack of evidence.



There was more than enough evidence this time, as a bystander caught her on tape abusing her daughter after Jesus had shown up at the school. The only thing her daughter had done was speak to her father when he arrived.

A warrant was immediately issued for her arrest when the video surfaced, and Angela was arrested and charged with injury to a child. She immediately bonded out the next day, though the authorities had issued a protective order against her and given custody to Jesus.

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