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You’ll Want To Re-Watch Grease After Seeing These 12 Things You Probably Never Noticed In The Movie

For anybody that grew up in the 70s, 80s or 90s, Grease is a cinematic masterpiece. A comedy and romance story that turned into the most successful musical movie of all time featuring Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.

The story tells the tale of an innocent and wholesome girl who falls in love with a 50s greaser. Their cliques separated them, but their love won in the end. It’s no surprise that this film became such a hit. A love story told through 50s doo-wop music and dance. Who wouldn’t love that!?

The songs are so catchy and it becomes hard not to sing along and lose our attentiveness to detail. Some strange things, some interesting things, and some totally unnecessary things end up getting unnoticed.

We’ll tell you about it, stud. Here’s  the 16 things that you may have missed about the nation’s favourite musical.

There’s two people balancing books on their heads. Was this the cool way to do it back then?

Ever notice the “School Sweet School” sign? They tried so hard make the school feel like home.

Rizzo always stands out. She’s the only pink lady in dark attire and carrying her jacket like a cool cat while the others follow.

Ever wonder why Frenchy’s name is ‘La Coiffure’ on her name-tag? Well, it’s because ‘La Coiffure’ means ‘hairstyle’ in French. 

Remember when the paint-by-number drawings were cool? Frenchy has an unfinished horse in her room! Wonder if she ever finished it?

Rizzo is the only girl not fully singing along with everyone else. Rebel.

Rizzo and Marty were always doing things together. Such as wearing matching belts with their outfits…

Rizzo and Marty did so much together, they even shared the same date during the epic school dance scene! Here’s the proof in case you forgot! 

What kind of school fair is this? I mean it sounds exciting… a pig with 8 legs! I really want to check out that 2 headed chicken!

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 10.32.27 AMGrease, Kleiser

Rizzo is so afraid of people stealing her clothes she has her name on all of them. Talk about branding herself!

Did you know this is the same high school where Britney Spear’s hit “Baby One More Time” was filmed! Location: Venice High School. Also: It’s the same high school used in the 90s teen classic, ‘Clueless.’


Remember when we said some weird things went unnoticed? Well, here, Jan is using her fork to twirl Patty’s hair. Why.


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