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You Won’t Ever Understand These Rich People Problems


Everyone is familiar with the term ‘first world problems.’ These are usually small inconveniences that people who are more privileged consider problematic such as

  • Tangled Headphones,
  • Low Cellphone Battery,
  • Running out of Data.

These problems are certainly annoying, but in the larger scale, they’re not actually that important or crucial to living. In fact, some people wouldn’t even consider these things problems at all.

However there are some people who are so ridiculously rich, and there is a whole new world of problems that only the wealthy will understand. Check out these 16 problems that you will only understand if you are extremely rich.

1. Maps: Having to map out where the expensive grocery stores are in new areas so you don’t have to end up shopping somewhere unworthy, like Walmart.

2. Toilets: When you have to wait to use the bathroom because the self-cleaning toilet hasn’t finished it’s cycle yet.

3. Headlights: When there’s an SUV behind you while you’re driving your Ferrari and the headlights reflect in the side mirrors and hurt your eyes.

4. Alcohol: That moment when your bottle of champagne is just way too big to fit in the recycling bin so you have to leave it on the ground.

5. Bling: That moment when your ring is so blinged out that you don’t want to take it off so when you’re at work wearing rubber gloves they always rip. Such a pain.

6. Lights: Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to take a swim at night and you turn on your outdoor lighting and television but then there are too many bugs?

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 3.20.22 PMRachel-Lee Thomas

7. Infinity Pool: The annoying moment when the ocean is a slightly different shade of blue than your infinity pool which takes away from the illusion.

8. Helicopter: Getting the middle seat in the helicopter and having to suffer from crampy legs for the flight. So annoying.

9. Driving: When you have an awesome car but you’re too young to drive it. Just the pits. Having to wait a whole year before you can learn to drive your Lamborghini.

10. Steering Wheel: Or the unfortunate experience of the sun reflecting off of your shiny steering wheel which can also hurt the eyes.

11. Maids: The strange moment when the maid hired to clean your house won’t stop hovering. Doesn’t she understand the meaning of privacy? There can’t be that much dust on the shelves.

12. Beaches: When you have to go to a public beach instead of a private one. Other…people? On the same beach? What kind of blasphemy is that?

13. Coach: The annoying moment when people flying coach have the audacity to use the first class washrooms. Hello, you paid for this ticket for privacy and comfort.

14. Wallet When your Coach wallet is too small to hold all of the money you want to take on vacation.

15. Presidential Suit: When you book a really nice room at a hotel but it’s located at the far end of the hallway…

16. Elevator: When you have to wait for your elevator to reboot because there’s no way you’re taking the stairs in your own house.


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