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7-year-old Madison Gulliver will now brand potentially permanent scarring on her arm due to a black henna tattoo that she got while on vacation with her family in Egypt.

When Madison’s parents agreed to let her get the temporary tattoo they weren’t made aware of any potential harmful threats. So when they returned home to the U.K. and Madison began to complain of pain in her arm, they didn’t know just how far the pain would escalate.

Madison’s arm soon broke out in blisters that began at her fingers and traced down the length of her arm. The blisters became so unbearable that she was rushed to the hospital where she had to have them removed. The tattoo left behind a scar on Madison’s arm that runs the length of the design.

The family appeared on Good Morning Britain to share their experience and warn anyone else about the dangers of getting a potential black henna tattoo.

Martin Gulliver, her father, said the tattoo was advertised as being nothing more than traditional henna.

Madison reiterates how when she got home, the itching and the burning on her arm started.


Martin said how when the soreness first began, they treated it with a topical cream but soon the blisters began to swell.

It was at this point that Martin and his wife, Sylvia, turned to the internet. Once the realized the severity of the situation, they brought Madison to the hospital.

Sylvia said that she was told the scarring could potentially go away in about two years but they weren’t given any promises.

The culprit for Madison’s chemical burn lies with PPD, a suspected carcinogen, which was present in the henna chemicals used to tattoo her arm.

PPD is illegal in several countries when it comes to using it on the skin. It can lead to anaphylactic shock and in some cases death.


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