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Young Girl Is Found Stuffed Head First In Trash Bag, Still Alive

The world is honestly a scary place. When you live in your comfort zone, you don’t really notice all the bizarre things that go on in towns that might not be so far from you. Just last week, a young girl was found alive inside a garbage bag behind a home in upstate New York city, TCPalm reports. The home was less than 10 miles from the Pennsylvania border.

The child’s age still has not been revealed, but once found, she was severely dehydrated and covered in waste. Luckily, According to WENY-TV, once taken to a nearby hospital the girl was in stable condition. Imagine walking down the street one day and hearing a little girl’s screams; it’s horrifying to even think about.

According to reports, the backyard where the girl was found is less than a block from Grove Park in a city that holds about 30,000 residents. It is also less than a half dozen blocks from Elmira College which is a private liberal arts school of 1,300 students.

The tuition, room, and board cost almost $54,000. Seems like it should be more or less a family-safe town but I guess you never really know. Sadly, this isn’t the first case where a child has been found in a dumpster in random towns.

There have been several cases of kids that were missing for days and days and were suddenly found in a dumpster, usually dead. Why this particular little girl was found in a dumpster alive is still being investigated.

Neighbors who assisted in saving this girl said that they heard what they believed to be a cat crying early in the morning in a yard adjacent to them. Once they went over to see what was going on, they saw the little girl’s feet sticking out of the back, according to a TV station. notes that Child Protective Services officials with Chemung County government are involved in the case, but nobody has been charged just yet according to police.

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