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Young Girl Has Perfect Response To Sexist Homework Question


Sometimes the school curriculum can be a little antiquated. I mean, with the world constantly changing (what with the melting ice caps, and newly discovered continents) and with new discoveries in sciences every day (whether it be in biology, neurosciences, or astrophysics) it is hard to keep all the textbooks and teachers updated. But that is when creativity and curiosity come into play.

Children (and adults) who can troubleshoot and think outside of the box should be commended and applauded.

Instead of thinking within certain confinements, the youth should be encouraged to think broadly and stray from conventional methods.

So when a young girl recently got a homework assignment that required the use of ‘ur’ within a word, she happily applied her creativity and thought process into the work.

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As the question indicates, hints are given as to what the word is and the word must contain the words ‘ur’ in it.


For hospital lady, the young girl wrote surgeon to which the teacher added, in her red pen, ‘or nurse’


The image was posted by the girl’s father who stated that both he and his wife are surgeons. He states that their occupation might have been the reason as to why the young girl answered the question in such a manner.


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