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9-Year-Old Claims She Can Sing Like Whitney Houston. Seconds Later She’s Won The Crowd Over

There are very few things more inspiring, emotional and goosebump-inducing than a tiny girl who overcame a serious illness to make it on the America’s Got Talent stage. And that is precisely what a nine-year-old singer did in a recent viral video.


Angelica Hale is from Atlanta, Georgia and she has some big aspirations. But before she got a chance to reach the stage, she was diagnosed with double pneumonia and a failing kidney.

She was on dialysis for 18 months before her mom was confirmed to be a suitable match and she got the kidney transplant that she so desperately needed. Since her amazing recovery, she has been steadfast in her plunge forward in order to make her dreams come true.

In an interview, she said this: ‘I want to pursue my dream of singing. I thought ‘America’s Got Talent’ was a fantastic place to start. I have a lot of potential. I wanted to do the show. It was now or never.’ Angelica hopes to be the next Whitney Houston. She’s shown signs of becoming a superstar since the age of two when she first sang Lady Antebellum’s ‘Need You Now.’ Go to the next page to watch the beautiful video of Angelica’s singing!


In the video, the tiny girl can be seen ascending the stage as she shyly waves to the crowd in front of her. Batting away any nervousness, she introduces herself and proudly announces her new role as a big sister in about 9 months.


She tells the audience and the judges that she hopes to be the next Whitney Houston. When the song plays, many are in eager anticipation of what is to come. When the song finally comes on and she proceeds to sing, the fans (and even Simon Cowell himself) are shocked, to say the least.

It is just a matter of seconds before the whole crowd gives her a standing ovation and her parents backstage can be seen tearing up from her angelic voice. When the song finishes and Angelica gets interviewed by the judges, she admits that Mel B is her favorite judge. Mel promptly runs up the stage and places her lipstick-stained lips on both sides of Angelica’s cheeks. The video is adorable and inspirational in more ways than one, watch it below to see for yourself.


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