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Young Girl Suffers Serious Burns During Sleepover With Friends After Trying Twisted, New ‘Hot Water Challenge’

Over the years, the internet has thought of some pretty ridiculous challenges and people have actually filmed themselves doing it. Remember the cinnamon challenge? Essentially, people would film themselves eating a spoonful of cinnamon and choking from how spicy it was. Some of these challenges have gotten so out of hand that people’s lives have been at stake.

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What’s the latest challenge? It’s called the ‘hot water challenge.’ Basically, people are pouring hot, boiling water in a cup and either throwing it on unsuspecting victims or drinking it. For some reason, people of the internet are finding this pretty entertaining. But it’s not so entertaining when people are getting seriously burned and ending up in the hospital.

Allegedly, that’s exactly what happened to an 11-year-old girl who had hot, boiling water poured on her by her friends during a sleepover, according to reports. New York 1 identified the girl being Jamoneisha Merritt who suffered burns on her face, chest, back, and shoulders.

Jamoneisha was sleeping when suddenly she felt extremely hot water going down her face and body. She was immediately rushed to the hospital. According to The Sun, police have arrested the 12-year-old girl who is accused of dumping the water on her. She is being charged with felony assault.

This act was apparently inspired by this challenge craze that’s happening around the internet. The “hot water challenge” is not only immoral but it’s inspiring young kids to act extremely dangerously.

According to reports, Jamoneisha was invited to come to the sleepover party on Sunday night in Concourse Village according to police. Jamoneisha is now receiving treatment at Harlem Hospital for her injuries. According to reports, an adult was present while all this was happening.

The victim’s uncle told news reports that the young girl was doing well but wasn’t sure of the damage that was done to her. He told news reports, “I think the only reason why she’s in good spirits is that she did actually see the damage done to her.”

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