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13-Year-Old Physicist’s New Theory On God

Max Loughan is a 13-year-old physicist with a unique and inspiring viewpoint of the world. He explains that he knew from day one on this planet that he was “put here for a reason.” The teenager also states that he believes it is his purpose to “help” and to “invent a future where people can be happy, where they can be safe and sound.”

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Even though he’s just a teenager, Max is forever driven and focused on a set goal that aims to help out mankind however he can. His optimism and dedication to his work at such a young age is not only touching but it is also extremely admirable.

Max is not only hopeful for humanity’s future but he is also resourceful, using common day items to build a crystal radio (a radio receiver circa 1970) from everyday items (wire, metal spoon, and a coffee tin) found around his family home in Nevada at just 13.

As a result of his brilliance, Max has been rightfully recognized by the scientific community. He has taken part in quite a few events like the Nexus Global Youth Summit in 2013 as well as the October 2016 Eco SXSW in Austin, Texas.

As of this year, Max was an honoree and key-note speaker at the 2017 Global Green and Flaunt Magazine Academy Awards Fundraiser in Hollywood, California alongside stars like Orlando Bloom and Oliver Stone. In March he was a panelist at the World Science Festival in Brisbane pictured below.

Due to his young age, Max can really only be considered a self-proclaimed Theoretical Physicist but we have no doubts that he’ll earn the official title some day.  In fact, Max has begun taking college-level courses at MIT this year!

His innovative way of thinking has led him to a rather hopeful way of looking at the world, especially in relation to God and science and how the two intermingle. His eloquent thoughts on the world are sure to uplift your spirits and touch your heart, mind, and spirit.


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