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Young Thug Didn’t Show Up For His Video Shoot So The Co-Director Improvised And Made This Instead

Young Thug recently released a video for his song “Wyclef Jean”, which he “co-directed” with director Ryan Staake. Staake released the video and admitted that Young Thug didn’t even show up for the shoot, so instead Staake used the video to narrate what happened during the shoot and how it all fell apart.

The video starts off with Staake explaining that he directed the video but never actually met the rapper. Young Thug sent Staake a recording of him explaining what he wanted to be in the video, saying that he wanted it filmed in the Hollywood hills, with mini kid cars and lots of girls.


Young Thug also wanted kids driving police cars in the video, along with women and the kids destroying the car with bats (some of which are actually rubber). It turns out that when the glass started to crack on the police car, the actual policemen who were there overlooking the shoot told them they had to stop.

Throughout the course of the shoot (which was over ten hours long), reps from Young Thug’s label kept telling the crew that the rapper was only minutes away and that the crew should “immediately prepare for him.”

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