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10 Youngest Parents In The World


Parenthood is something most people look forward to when they decide to have a baby. Most people become parents when they are adults, and have usually dealt with enough life experience to be able to raise a child.

Some people, on the other hand, make mistakes when they are in their youth and have children at a very young age. Although these types of stories are sad, they are a lesson to everyone about the importance of teaching children about just how damaging having a baby at such a young age can be.

If you’d like to read more about children who became parents at a very young age, here are 10 of some of the youngest parents in the world.

1. In 1939, Lina Medina from Peru became the youngest mother in all of history after giving birth at just 5 years and seven months old. Lina gave birth by cesarean section to a boy. Her parents had initially assumed she had had a tumor and had no idea that she was pregnant.

It was later discovered by doctors that the little girl had experienced precocious puberty, which occurs when a male or female’s hormone glands become activated earlier than they normally would. Although the identity of the baby’s biological father was never found, many believe that it was Lina’s father.


2. Tressa Middleton was just 11 years old when she was sexually assaulted by her 16-year-old brother. She gave birth to her child in 2005 after she had turned 12 years old.


Tressa gave the baby up for adoption. Her brother was sentenced to four years in jail in 2009 after taking a DNA test which proved that he was the father of the child. Tressa Middleton is now in her early twenties and has written a book about her traumatic experience.


3. Tia John and Jordan Williams were both just 14 and 15 years old when Tia became pregnant. Tia’s mother, Kelly John, was only 29. 


Tia’s mother was shocked to find out that she would be a grandmother at such a young age. Tia gave birth to her child shortly before turning 15.


4. Alleshia Gregson was just 12 years old when she became pregnant with her first child. The father of her child was 14. She kept the pregnancy a secret until the day she gave birth.


Only ten months later, Alleshia became pregnant once more by the same boy. In 2011, Alleshia became the youngest woman in Britain to have two children who were two different ages. She was just 15 years old. 


5. When Bulgarian Kordeza Zhelyazkova was just 11 years old, she gave birth to a baby girl. The father of the baby was 19-year-old Jeliazko Dimitrov.


Kordeza reportedly became pregnant just a week after meeting her boyfriend and went into labor on her wedding day.


6. April Webster became pregnant at the young age of 13. When April and her boyfriend Nathan Fishbourne were just 14 years old, they became Britain’s youngest mother and father.


They gave birth to a baby boy named Jamie Fishbourne. April had this to say about the pregnancy: “Jamie wasn’t planned, but I’m going to be a great mum for him. He’s perfect and I’m going to give him everything he ever wants.”


7. According to Wikipedia, it was reported by the Williamson Daily News that a 9-year-old girl from Brakpan, South Africa (30 miles east of Johannesburg) gave birth to a baby.

The little girl, unidentified in the paper, gave birth via cesarean. Not much is known about the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy.

8. James Sutton was just 13 years old when he got his 16-year-old girlfriend, Sarah Drinkwater, pregnant. What’s even more surprising about this pregnancy is the fact that the two youngsters had twins.


At the time, James became Britain’s youngest father of twins at just 13 years old. The young couple have reportedly said that they do not regret having children at such a young age.


9. When Sean Stewart was just 11 years old, he impregnated his 15-year-old neighbor Emma Webster. Not long after Sean’s 12th birthday, Emma gave birth to their son.


According to Daily Mail Online, Sean has since spent time in jail while Emma later got married to a different man.


10. Rebecca Finnis became pregnant when she was just 13 years old. She had been dating her boyfriend Peter for just six months before they found out that she was pregnant.


“It was a terrible shock,’ she said. ‘Peter was my first boyfriend and both sets of parents were devastated as they never imagined our relationship was sexual.” The couple has since gotten married, and have added a daughter to their family.



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