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YouTube Star Stevie Ryan Commits Suicide At Age 33

Stevie Ryan, an online comedian, and actress has died at age 33. According to the Los Angles coroner report, Ryan committed suicide by hanging herself on Saturday, July 1st, 2017.

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Ryan was well-known for her YouTube videos in which she created iconic characters like La Loca and Sceney Scenceable, and filmed impressions of artists like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Amy Winehouse, and Justin Bieber. Ryan wrote, edited, and acted in all of her own videos, some of which garnered millions of views.

At the age of 19, Ryan moved to Los Angles from her hometown in Victorville, CA to pursue a Hollywood career. She began to build a fanbase on various social media platforms and it wasn’t long until producers gave her a comedy sketch series on VH1 called Stevie TV.

The show was cancelled after two series, but her YouTube channel continued on strong. She co-hosted a show about relationships with Brody Jenner.

Many other Hollywood stars like Drake Bell and YouTubers like Ian Hecox took to twitter to express their grief at the loss and offer condolences for Stevie’s family. Plenty of Stevie’s fans have flooded her last tweet with messages conveying their shock at her death and hoping that she has found peace.

Ryan was open with her battle against mental illness, even co-hosting a podcast about depression called ‘Mentally Ch(ill)’ with Kristen Carney. Her co-host tweeted her sadness at hearing of Ryan’s passing.

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In an interview with Culture Bats in 2012, Ryan stated that she was sometimes taken aback by how nasty people could be online. She said the character La Loca was created after being on the receiving end of abuse online. “I didn’t realize what the internet was, that it was just full of hate.”

Teen Mom star, Tyler Baltierra tweeted out that he had just talked to Ryan about battling depression and how she had said she was so proud of his wife, Catelyn, for overcoming her own depression.

Ryan’s final tweet and third last Instagram post were a tribute to her grandfather who had passed away recently.

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