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YouTuber Dies Trying to Film Himself Doing Pull-Ups from Top of 62 Story Building [VIDEO]

In today’s wild age of social media, there are a plethora of stunts that have gone viral and captured on camera. There are people who make a living doing so, and who have gained a massive following online. Though it is raw entertainment, the extents to which people have taken it are arguably extreme. In the latest of stunts attempted online, a well known YouTuber dies filming himself atop a 62 story building.

Attempting to do pull-ups while hanging from the ledge of a skyscraper, 26-year-old Wu Yongning’s plan had all gone wrong. Losing his grip, he fell a whopping 45 feet before hitting a terrace, and the moment had been captured by a camera he already had placed for the attempt.

Regarded as “China’s first rooftopper”, he took his bravery atop Huayuan International Center, located in Changsha, China. He had prepared accordingly, dusting off the ledge prior to the stunt. Feeling ready to begin, Wu began to lower himself overtop the skyscraper, lasting only a moment before re-adjusting himself. Attempting this feat again, he managed to successfully do two pull-ups. While trying to lift himself back up to safety, he experiences a loss of grip, and struggles, before ultimately meeting his tragic and unexpected fate.

Wu established himself as a video blogger, realizing it as a source of income to pair with his everyday background acting job. Much like many before him who’ve made a living off of such stunts, he lived without fear and reached for the stars, in hopes of instilling courage to those who hoped to do the same and establish themselves on social media. Known for his previous stunt where he completed a one-hand handstand from the top of a 70 story building known as the Sun Moon Light Plaza, the renowned Youtube stuntman will be missed by those who appreciated and recognized his bravery.

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